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The survey is closed.

Watch this space for the results, which will be posted soon!

The preliminary survey results will be shared at the Main Conference Workshop, details for which can be found here.

Two sessions on the community role in quality of life of people living with HIV have been planned for AIDS 2018. The overarching goals of these sessions is to explore the what quality of life means to people living with HIV and to strategize on how to get there.

The purpose of the survey is to:

  • Assist in the planning of these two workshops at AIDS 2018

  • Promote a wider discussion of issues related to quality of life for people living with HIV


The sessions are on 
Wednesday 25 July, 14:30 - 17:00  (in session  rooms G104-105) details here 
Thursday 26 July, 13:00 - 14:30 in the Global Village (room 2) details here

However you do not have to be a participant at AIDS 2018 to take part in this survey 

All of the answers that you give are confidential. We will not pass on any individual answers to any third party.

We will send the final results, report of the workshops and information about any further initiatives if you choose to give us your contact details at the end of the survey.

Kevin Moody and Julian Hows are independent consultants, both living with HIV, who have worked on strategic programming, governance, NGO management, research and communications in the HIV response for a combined 60 years. Together, they submitted these workshop proposals to AIDS 2018 as private individuals in order to facilitate conversations on the community’s role in defining quality of life and carrying out activities to achieve health and wellbeing for people living with HIV. They are working on this project on a purely voluntary basis and are not being remunerated for this work.